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Parking Lot Rental 
Need somewhere to host your event? Or extra parking for an event near by? Principal Park is a great location just on the outskirts of downtown. 

Enjoy four open parking lots, a view of downtown, and the surrounding rivers. 

Stadium Rental 
Stadium Rental can include partial use or full use of the stadium. 

Events we've hosted at Principal Park: 

Brewfest, concerts, Ultimate Wedding Show, Mercy Day, Des Moines Marathon, car shows, USSSA welcome ceremonies, Wounded Warrior softball tournament, corporate team bonding activities, and several speeches/presentations for large groups.  

Get to know the venue...


The Mezzanine overlooks the field and can hold upwards of 500+ people. This covered, outdoor area has been home to weddings, non-profit events, social gatherings, and more. 

During the summer it provides a nice shaded area for your guest and in the fall/spring it supplies enough coverage in case of inclimate weather. 

This space provides two balconies on each side of the covered area.


The Register Media Veranda offers the best view of Downtown Des Moines you can find. Pair any event with the connecting Cub Club to have the perfect catered event.

The Veranda can hold up to 150 people with an outdoor setting with breathtaking views. The Veranda is great for receptions, lunch outings, work retreats, and more.

When paired with the Cub Club, this area can hold up to 250 guests. 

Fountain Area

​ Our fountain area provides guests with a spectacular backdrop no matter what direction you look. The fountain is a great area for any ceremony.

Just outside the fountain area is a large grass area which has provided a great space for concerts, walks/runs, tailgates and more.

Skybox Suite

Rent a suite for a retirement party, birthday part, business meeting, baby shower, or any event you'd like to host.

Our suites are accompanied with the option of on-site catering and offer a full view of  the field.